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“Dreamy sounds and a voice from a different world"
“Soaring vocal, Andy Bell of Erasure caliber vocal range..."
“An intense, theatrical post-punk sound that seamlessly blends a variety of influences"
“The Ritualists transport you to a world surging
with dark waves both dramatic and familiar"

- Tankboy
"Everything you like about the glamorous side of rock music make "Painted People" a dazzling album
"A whole new level of amazing.  A debut album that is beyond impressive"
- Rock and Roll Fables
"A slew of celebratory anthem after anthem"
- At Capacity
"A bittersweet symposium made of dark synths and psychedelic guitars"
- Music to Die For
"Gothic Art Rock!"
- Rock at Night
"Hooks galore and catchy choruses"
- Sound the Sirens Magazine
"Grinding and engaging"
- Here Comes Floyd
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