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“And I'm hearing you say, not enough is OK. Well, its not...

I'm with the Painted People,” quips lead vocalist, Christian Dryden of NYC-based, The Ritualists. Dryden, who fronts the band and writes the songs is something of an anachronism; A multi-instrumentalist who relishes the performance aspects of a live show, while also challenging his audience with lyrics that reference 19th Century Romance poetry and musical arrangements flush with ornate, art-rock sensibilities. 
After a few years paying their dues, finding their unique voices and garnering both notice and respect from the NYC Underground community, The Ritualists completed their first full length album, and with it, seek to test the boundaries of the current Rock-n-Roll landscape.
“Things have become something of a bore. The danger is missing.” opines Dryden. On their debut album, set for release by Out of Line Music in August 2nd of 2019, the band provides an unflinching combination of post-punk echo, arena-ready choruses & psychedelic freak-outs. 
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